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Dec 22, 2023

Let's welcome Brady Pesola to the VinnyRoc Podcast! We're thrilled to have Brady Pesola with us — a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and a maestro in tactical disciplines. Brady's journey is one of dedication and service. As a seasoned firearms instructor, he's imparted his extensive knowledge in firearms, self-defense, and survival to civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel, specializing in the rigorous demands of close-quarters battle. But Brady's contributions extend beyond the tactical realm. He's also a protector at heart, having served as an Executive Protection Agent and Security Consultant, ensuring the safety of politicians, executives, celebrities, and individuals with high net worth. His passion for supporting his fellow veterans led him to found Triple B Adventures, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing veterans' mental health through the healing power of outdoor adventures. After a significant tenure, he transitioned to an advisory role to balance his commitments to family and his evolving mission. Today, Brady is a beacon of resilience and wisdom, specializing in Stoic Philosophy to sharpen cognitive function and decision-making in high-stakes environments. His coaching reaches deep, helping individuals cultivate mental resilience, social independence, and self-reliance. As we dive into today's conversation, expect to uncover layers of tactical acumen intertwined with the profound insights of Stoic Philosophy. And if you're eager to follow his journey and learn more, find Brady on Instagram @Grayman.Project. · Core Medical Group: Striving to pioneer wellness solutions and help you achieve optimal well-being. Visit to discover more. · GMR Gold: Offering premium gold and silver investment options to elevate your wealth. Explore more at · Everest: The ultimate marketplace for the great outdoors. Embark on your adventure today at · Modern Gun School: Dedicated to enriching your firearms knowledge with a comprehensive curriculum. Find out more at We value the contribution of each sponsor and appreciate their dedication to our shared goals. For those who haven’t yet, we invite you to watch our latest episode on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, and follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming content. If you find our discussions valuable, please share them within your networks. Thank you for your continued support of the VinnyRoc Podcast. #VinnyRocPodcast #ThankYouSponsors