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Apr 14, 2021

Had the opportunity to sit down with a retired Green Beret whos story is about as unique as it gets. Jeremiah Wilbur is a 20 year veteran of the US Army constantly fighting and being an advocate for those that do not have the will do to so. He raises awareness on holistic paths to healing for those suffering with PTSD...

Apr 7, 2021

This episode brings you the story of Gerardo "Ghost" Cazares, the creator of Ghost Custom Art. He's a combat veteran and father using the power of art to evoke passion and healing.

He uses multiple mediums on all surfaces to create his works. Always up for a challenge so and loves it when people ask him to paint...

Mar 31, 2021

Terrence Popp, a 20+ year Army vet sees some screwed up stuff that can slant one's perspective on the world. Time to get some perspective from a guy that has seen more than meets the eye. It's pretty spooky and redonkulas.




Mar 26, 2021

James is a board certified protection professional and veteran. He  earned a bronze star for his actions as a combat sniper.  He has owned and operated Security Concepts Group since 2009 and is an author of two books on Active Shooter Preparedness.  He conducts Executive Protection and High Threat Protection operations...

Mar 17, 2021

Phillip Garcia is an American actor. He was born and raised in San Jose, California. Since 2012, he has appeared in over thirty National commercials - including most recently: two Super Bowl spots for McDonald’s and Anheuser-Bushe. Some of his TV CREDITS include: CRIMINAL MINDS, SCANDAL and ANIMAL KINGDOM. Recently...